Iwona Lebiedowicz has been privileged to work with some fantastic brands and people.We have been working with clients on both a retained and project basis.
“Enterprise Europe Network enlisted the services of Iwona Lebiedowicz to contribute to the launch event of our trade mission to Poland in 2016. Iwona delivered an excellent interactive session about the practicalities of doing business in Poland and the cultural nuances, which companies need to be aware of when attempting to enter the market. Iwona was an engaging speaker and our delegates went home extremely pleased with what they had learned.”

Jan Immel
Enterprise Europe Network




“Iwona's cross-cultural, in-depth knowledge, awareness, and acumen across business disciplines, enables her to understand the challenges from a 'front line' perspective, and the fact that her passion is value driven, she builds trust and rapport quickly and effectively to provide solutions that support businesses to thrive and grow.
All sectors can benefit from Iwona's skills and product portfolio; we live in a multi cultural society, and our business environments are becoming increasingly diverse, and perhaps uncertain for some as Brexit unfolds. Understanding culture; respecting it, and the role it plays within our businesses is crucial if we want to evolve further, influence, and succeed.
Iwona's experience of cross cultural business environments is proving invaluable to businesses operating both locally and globally; creating and building awareness; adding value for employers and employees.
I have worked with Iwona on a number of occasions and look forward to our collaborating again in the future; I recommend her highly!”

Tracy Pugh, HR Director;
NLP Trainer & Master Business Practitioner




“Iwona stands out as a determined,respected and trusted member of the business community and leader of the 2 businesses she has developed since coming to the UK.
In extremely challenging circumstances,and a competitive market Iwona has maintained these values,her very high personal standards and integrity which I know is admired by many in the local business community.
It has been a pleasure to see Iwona and her 2 businesses grow and I have no hesitation in recommending Iwona or her businesses to personal contacts.
This outstanding young businesswoman is " one to watch"!”

Tim Sutton





“Iwona is very personable and easy to work with. I have always found her to be extremely polite and courteous.”

David Clarke,
Director at DBS Internet Marketing






“Thank you for giving such an interesting and thought-provoking presentation.
Presentations like yours are key to the success of our events and our continued ability to attract  the major regional and local businesses . By raising their awareness of cultural differences and how this impacts not just on design but the way we approach business is relevant to exporters but also to anyone looking to grow their business through developing new products or new markets.
I hope that you will be able to speak again at future events engaging both students, the community and business leaders. ”

George E Bell,
Boston College




Telephone: (Boston) 01205 310 004  (Colchester) 01206 573 777