Helping you to build

thriving relations with people from
different countries and cultures


Understanding how
to overcome cultural differences.


Every business we work with is different and unique and usually multinational which brings great and exciting opportunities for that business. Organisations that achieve competitive advantage are those that have a good understanding of how to overcome cultural differences.

We live in a world where diverse communities live alongside each other and technology allows us to trade internationally with ease.  Iwona Lebiedowicz Consultancy works closely with companies across the UK helping them to gain a better understanding of cultural awareness and effective engagement when dealing with clients, associates and their diverse workforce.

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The 7 unique principles of Effective Global Communication





Who are we

Iwona Lebiedowicz Consultancy was established in 2018 to specialise in Leadership/Management and Learning/Development as well as training both in the UK and internationally.

Iwona is the owner and Director and she works with a team of Associates to deliver innovative and effective solutions to clients. Over 30 years of combined experience in leadership positions in public and private sector organisations.

We work with companies providing strategic advice and helping them to gain a better understanding of cultural mix when dealing with clients, associates and their employees.



Our mission

Train your diverse teams to successfully communicate and deliver great results.

Helping you to build thriving relations with employees from different countries and cultures.

Teach your teams, managers and leaders how to remain effective and engaged teams.



Our values

Integrity | Sustainability | Logic approach | Common sense | Solution focused | Discipline




Who is Iwona Lebiedowicz

Iwona Lebiedowicz is a successful entrepreneur, millennial and businesswoman offering insights, advice and guidance on leading diverse teams, communicating with foreign business partners, multiculturalism, cross-cultural differences and more.

Passionate about business and personal growth with over fifteen years' experience in senior leadership positions in public and private sector organisations leading multinational teams and successfully managing large-scale change projects.

Iwona holds a Master's in Management with specialisation in International Relations from Poznań University of Economics and Business, she is a NLP Certified Practitioner and has been researching and studying cross-cultural management and communication in the workplace and across borders for over fifteen years. She also holds the Financial Times Non-Executive Director Advanced Diploma a formally accredited, post-graduate level qualification for current and aspiring non-executive directors.

Having moved to the UK from Poland in 2004, she has successfully built and managed multinational teams and businesses in the UK.  She has also experienced many ups and downs, especially in her early years in business and faced many challenges that other female business owners may be familiar with.

According to Iwona, her biggest business assets are the teams who truly become working families.  She says she is really privileged to work with talented, well-educated and dedicated individuals working across the brands and companies she created.


  • Leading across borders and cultural training

    Our Session provides a highly practical perspective on one of today's most pressing business issues: how to lead and manage in a complex, cross-cultural, multicultural environment.

    These training should be particularly useful if you work in public services managerial and leadership roles or the voluntary sector and you're new to working on migration issues.

    You will explore the skillsets of successful leaders and manager and discover what it takes to build a cohesive global team and manage smoothly in a multicultural environment.

    The session will cover: global mindset, global teams, communication in a multicultural environment, soft skills incuding the body language and listening for what’s not been said

    If you would like to find out more about any of our training packages, then call 01206 573 777 or email
  • Training for HR Professionals

    Having little understanding of the influence of cross cultural differences in areas such as management, human resources, advertising or negotiations can eventually lead to cultural faux pas that can have damaging consequences. It is very important for today’s business to understand the impact of cross cultural differences on business, trade and internal company organisation. The success or failure of a company, venture, merger or acquisition is essentially in the hands of people. If these people are not cross culturally aware, then misunderstandings and also breakdowns in communication can occur. If you would like to find out more about any of our training packages, then call 01206 573 777 or email
  • Communication with non-English Speakers training

    If you’re looking to enhance your Communication Skills with non-English Speakers or speakers from other Cultures — we can help. The Communications Skills training will help you develop a truly engaging and responsive communication style, leading to positive results for you and your organisation. If you would like to find out more about any of our training packages, then call 01206 573 777 or email
  • Polish and Russian Training Courses

    Since 2009 we have been actively promoting Poland and Russia and delivering a series of ‘Love Poland - Polish Language and Culture’ and ‘Test of Russian Language and Culture’ and Cultural Considerations training events across the UK. If you would like to find out more about any of our training packages, then call 01206 573 777 or email
  • Cultural Neutralisation and Adaptation Training

    Despite a long history of immigration, the UK has only started to witness high and sustained levels of net immigration in the last decade. Concerns have ranged from asylum seekers to unprecedented economic migration from Eastern Europe. This Cultural Neutralisation and Adaptation Training provides more than just a guide to life in the UK it also includes:
    • Brief facts about the UK
    • Government, citizens, rights and democracy
    • History and Magna Carta
    • Tradition and Culture
    • Driving, Health and Emergency
    • Diplomacy, tact and credibility
    • Acceptable norms for behaviour
    • Listening and eye contact
    • Getting to know your local community

    After our short course, you will have a basic knowledge of the local area, tradition, habits and norms.

    When you complete the course, you will receive a certificate of completion, which you can share with your friends, relatives, co-workers and potential employers to demonstrate your accomplishment. If you would like to find out more about any of our training packages, then call 01206 573 777 or email


Supporting ambitious organisations

We successfully provide professional support to business leaders that require advice in cross-cultural business awareness and managing communication in a diverse workplace.

The types of professionals and associations that have benefited from my support over the years include Senior Leadership Teams, HR Professionals, Sales and Marketing Teams, International Trade Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Law Firms, Educational Bodies, Probation Services and Social Services.

If you would like to find out more about how we can support your organisation then please call 01206 573 777 or email

Telephone: (Boston) 01205 310 004  (Colchester) 01206 573 777